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Some of my work that I could find pictures of.....

Landscape - Dripline

Client was unhappy with looks of original sprinkler set up, plus the water waste.


I switched planters to a dripline, added some fresh bark and problem solved.


​(Click on pictures to enlarge for better views.)

"I have known Cindy White for nearly 5 years, of which the last 3 she has been my sole caretaker for my landscape and yards.  She is highly skilled in the maintenance of my various cacti, succulents, palms, fruit trees and shrubs, and I entrust her every week with the upkeep of my large exterior property.  No job is too big or too small for Cindy.  Her work ethic and integrity are without fault, and she performs all her tasks with precision and perfection.  She is irreplaceable and my husband, Bret, and I look forward to her weekly visit and could never accomplish what she does for us on our own.  She will be an asset to anyone that needs to benefit from her enormous skill-sets."

Sharie Scott

Certified HAFA Specialist

SFR Specialist

Precision Real Estate Group

Keller Williams Realty

Riverside, CA

Kitchen Organization

Client wanted to be able to reach bottom shelf items.  I bought a sliding cabinet organizer, installed it and all is now good.

Fence & Gate

My neighbor hired me to remove the shrubs on side of her house and replace her broken down wrought iron fence and gate with a wood one to match my fence.


I built out from the fence an 'L' shape structure to hide my trash cans from her (since she would now see them) and also from the street.  My next project for her is to remove the stumps and put succulents on a drip line in their place.

(Click picture to see amazing improvement.)



Client doing it SMART with installing LED Exterior lights.



Long Life * Energy Efficient * Ecologically Friendly * Durable Quality * Zero UV Emissions * Flexibility * Operational in Extremely Cold or Hot Temps * Great Light Dispersement * Low-Voltage


Call me when you are ready to switch!! 



Painting - Master Bedroom/Bath

I wish the pictures could do justice to this awesome transformation.  Was so happy this homeowner decided to leave the cold white walls and try some color.  The master bedroom became a warm inviting retreat


Work needed before painting:  Patching and repairing of cracks from house settling over the years, re-textured, fixed baseboards (pulled away from walls) and resealed.  Primed walls.  Repaired cracks at ceiling and fireplace.  


Love, love, love to paint because it changes everything so quickly!  

It's like a new home again!!


This time I finally found someone who could speak so I could understand all the work that needed to be done and give me an honest estimate on the time and work involved around my house.  I have had so called "Handymen" that I have used in the past.  But you take the situation and explain what and how you are going to fix it.  You have been professional and gone beyond the job to make each project perfect.  To just mention one of the projects.... The sprinklers... Explaining how they were over watering in spots and plugged in others.  You fixed them, installed drip lines and showed me how to work them if they were plugging up or needed adjustments in the future.  You saved me money on water bills and my yard looks fabulous!


I would recommend you to my family and friends.  As well as anyone who needs work done in their home.


Thank you for doing a fabulous job!



Millie King

Corona, CA

Tile Work


Above pictures of some tiles that fell off of an outside BBQ Island.  


Below was some work I did to repair Kitchen Island tiles that came loose from people leaning on the counter over the years.  I removed and repaired them before they fell off and broke.  



Ouch:  Client called me 7 mos. prior to my installation and asked if I could mount her TV on the wall.  I was unavailable 'that day' so she hired someone else.  7 mos. later it fell off the wall destroying the TV and leaving a huge hole in the wall (you can see the primer where I fixed, patched, and retextured in the first picture).   She called me back.  Asked me if I could fix it all.  Of course I did.  She did not have paint to match but since the new BIGGER tv was going to cover the new patch job we just installed the new TV and called it a day.  She was sorry she didn't wait a few days on original installation!  I was sorry for her.  But now she has a bigger TV mounted on STUDS that will stay on the wall!! 

Awesome Idea from Client:  

These two huge plants were on clients back patio and kept falling over when the wind blew.  She asked me to knock the bottoms off of them and replant them where she could still see from her patio but where they would no longer fall over (plus they were outgrowing these pots).   It's been a few months and they are doing amazing.   I've since thrown down black bark over this area and it looks GREAT!  Excellent idea by client!!  

(Click picture to enlarge for better view.)




Client was watering by hand for over a year.  I came in and installed a 'cadillac' timer, replaced her old broken valves for 3 new ones, replaced/fixed about 20 broken spinkler heads (she didn't even know she had, they were so buried). 

She is a happy camper!!



 Installed 3 Spinklers valves to back yard, dug trenches and installed pvc pipes, and 15 new sprinklers.  Also put pipe in for future dripline to flowerbeds (phase 2).


(Obviously didn't leave jobs unfinished like this but don't have finished pictures to show.)


More Landscaping

I love working on landscapes and adding color and contrast is a great finishing touch.  

It's always fun and so beautiful afterwards. 


What can you imagine for your place?  

Help is only a phone call away

If I can't help you,
I'll help you find someone who can!
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