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Hi, my name is Cindy White and I love helping people and being a handywoman. 


With a father who was a general contractor, as far back as I can remember I have been picking up tools to tackle any home problem.

As a child, I idolized my dad and what he could build and the problems he could solve. I loved summers working with him and my passion for creating things blossomed.  I learned to use a hammer by helping frame a house or put on a new roof.  I remember throwing a toolbelt on and wondering what new and exciting thing I was going to learn that day.  I've carried the things he taught me throughout my life.   He didn't have to teach me to be honest, to do my best and to not cut corners; it's just how you treat people.   I am gratiful for the work and skills I've learned and the relationships I've built.


Today I charge a fair and affordable price to help people solve problems they can not solve themselves, or have the time to tackle it themselves.  


For a free estimate please call.  I look forward to meeting you. 

Help is only a phone call away

If I can't help you,
I'll help you find someone who can!
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