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I'm probably not much different then  you.  I love life.  I am grateful to get to experience all that life brings my way, to play here on earth and create incredible moments.  I work hard.  I'm honest and take pride in what I do.  I love people and hearing their stories.  I dream big all the time.  I love laughing and doing things that bring me joy & happiness.  I believe we can create anything we desire and I believe everything we need is within us.  Everything.    I love my 5 children and find it amazing that I have the privilege to be apart of raising them.

Hi, my name is Cindy White, and about 12 years ago I was introduced to the incredible concept of 'Accountability Partners'. 
 I was going through a lot of changes in my life and personal growth was naturally happening.  It seemed like everywhere I went I was being encouraged to make sure I had support.  
"Get an accountability partner or join a mastermind group." 
This was the advice I was being given.
I had to ask myself, "Where do I find someone like this?"  
I started studying everything I could about this kind of support and having a relationship with someone like this.  
My passion and what inspires me in life is to
offer this kind of support for anyone who desires it!
We are so incredibly powerful as human beings, sometimes
all we need is someone to remind us of that once in awhile.  Someone who believes in us
and gets excited about our plans with us.


Since everyone I knew was busy in their own lives and couldn't provide the support I desired, I hired a 'Life Coach'.  Over the course of the next decade I ended up hiring 3 different coaches to support me through three big events in my life.  All were excellent and all helped me greatly.   For me, the biggest benefit in the relationship was the accountability they held me to, for what I wanted to do.  It was like hiring a trainer at the gym who I had to check in with.
I know from experience how easy it is to quit on yourself 
when nobody knows the internal dialogue
of justification going on in your mind.
People in general will do way more for someone else
than they will themselves.  

I want people to experience the thrill of support and accountability like I did.   

Try to imagine it.
My vision is to encourage everyone
to go after their dreams while
locking arms with someone for support.


If you decide you would like that someone to be me
I would be honored to help,
for as long as you are here,
on this planet,
doin' your thing!  



This is my gift to you.  Should you desire it, and TAKE ACTION

"If you want to be more successful, one of the most vital relationships you can develop is with an accountability partner...... Working with an accountability partner is similar to climbing a mountain range with a buddy.  They help to hold a vision of the summit when we are in dark valleys.  They encourage us when we get tired and feel like quitting.  And they celebrate our successes when we achieve a new peak.  It may be possible to make the climb alone, but it's far easier and more enjoyable with someone by your side."  -  Jack Canfield, Author

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